Homemade Body lotion/cream



  1. Gather all the above ingredients.


2. Grate the beewax in food processor. You can also buy beewax beads.


3. Put grated beewax and oil in a container to melt. Put them in hot water.


4. Mix Aloe Vera gel, vitamin e oil and essential oils in a bowl and either put them on top of warm water or leave it outside. The idea is to get it to the same temperature as the beewax and oil.


5. Pour beewax and oil mixture into blender. Turn the blender on when the mixture has cooled but still soft.

6. Put the mixture on low speed. And pour aloe vera gel mixture you made above very very slowly from the top (very slowly). Stop the blender and scrape from the sides as often as needed.

7. Pour out in container.



Tips & Tricks

  • Step #6 is very critical. Its a make or break step for this lotion. I got the consistency right only after 3 tries 😦 Key is to be very patient and not pour the whole thing at once or not to increase the speed of the blender else the mixture will separate out.
  • This will smell like beewax mostly so if you do not like beewax smell don’t go for this. My husband didn’t like the smell while my mom and Anya loved it 🙂 Not everyone loves beewax smell.
  • First time I followed exact quantity of the recipe but the amount just wasn’t enough for the blender so it was coming below the blades, hence I doubled the original amount next time (In the recipe above is the correct amount I used when it came out better)
  • Vitamin E acts as a preservative.
  • Clean your blender right away with hot water else it will be harder to clean it later on (I tried this also :()


**Acknowledgment: Here is the recipe that inspired me to make my own. http://www.diynatural.com/homemade-lotion/