Ten-X Chinese New Year

At Ten-X after we put together Diwali Celebration for the first time ever, my company was eager to celebrate other cultures and I was asked to help out with the organization of Chinese New Year .

I had no clue about what the Chinese culture was. This gave me an opportunity to embrace other culture and know about it. While going back from work I listened to multiple podcasts about Chinese new year. Also talked to multiple chinese folks at my office and so I could represent them well at the event. And I was so surprised to find the similarity between Indian and chinese cultures in various aspects.

Here are few things I learnt.

  • Chinese Lucky color: Red
  • Non lucky colors: Black and White (is to be wore in funerals)
  • Chinese New Year is like a big Thanksgiving to them where all the families get together and have reunions.
  • There are lots of fireworks in the New Year just like we have during Diwali or 4th of July.
  • There is a tradition of passing red envelops to each other and their lucky number is 8 so people put money in red envelops for good luck and exchange these envelops with each other.
  • Languages- two main (Mandarin and Cantonese)
  • Chinese perform Lion Dance and Martial Art – Two main forms Kung Fu (kung meaning achievement and fu meaning man , thus ‘human achievement’ ) and Shaolin Monastery

All of the above gave me basis to organize the event. I also asked few Chinese folks on what are the candies they used to eat while they were growing up and tried to include them as part of the celebration to ignite the feeling of nostalgia 🙂

The event included:

  • Getting in the mood by first starting at home 😉
  • Everyone was requested to wear something Red and the decoration was themed red and golden.
  • Chinese new year themed cupcakes . I researched online and luckily was able to get a bakery willing to make them for me 🙂 This was sort of highlight for people.
  • Lion Dancers
  • Creating Nostalgia with Chinese cookies and lucky Mandarin oranges


  • Red Envelops


  • Games based on Chinese culture and language


  • Return gifts in Red boxes – We put Chocolate gold coins 5-6 in each box.


  • Photobooth
Photobooth with Chinese Zodiac
  • Lucky Signs at the entrance
Luck, peace Entryway panels (Hand painted by Anya’s friend’s grandfather from her daycare)
  • Chinese drinks


Ofcourse, none of the event is possible without the help of incredible folks around you, so thanking everyone who helped with this event.  Here are the rest of the photos. Hope you get some ideas and enjoy looking at these!

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