Fireplace seat

You would wonder why would someone cover their fireplace? If you are a new parent you would not have that question.

One thing I was sure was that I didn’t like it to look ugly. I didn’t want my fireplace to look like any of the below images and this is all I got when I was searching for baby proofing my fireplace.

People say necessity is the mother of invention or in my case rebirth of a creative mind. We used to use the fireplace as a seating many times with guests and I didn’t want to loose that functionality of the seat. So why not make it a seat?  And I started searching online yet again but could not find a good tutorial though I did find some but none of them told exactly what to do.

Before I tell you how to do it, here is how my fireplace looks right now.FullSizeRender (13) 

and here is it with my model … Pretty child-safe huh 😉