Bean Bag Ottoman


I wanted to make an ottoman for a long long time and finally, it happened 🙂 Every project I like to pick up in a way that I try something new. I learn something new. Here in this project, I learned how to make piping and it came out pretty nice. Also many of the ottomans I saw online were directly putting bean bag filing inside the ottoman but I wanted to make it a cover which I can open and wash or dry clean if needed, so I made an insert as well which I used for filling. It had its shortcomings as well 🙂 which I will chat about later.

To start with get 2 pieces of 24 X 24 inch home decor fabric (one for top and one for bottom)

4 pieces for side (24 X 10 ) depending on how tall you want the ottoman

One zipper (long enough to cover 3 sides if possible. I opened only one side and it was tough to align with insert opening for filling it up.)

(You repeat the same with insert. Insert should be light cotton cloth like like pillow case inserts)


You can surely do without the piping but here is how i did piping.

  1. Cut diagonal strips from the fabric for which you need to make piping.
  2. Put the ends together as you see above.
  3. Sew the ends
  4. Continue attaching them to get the desired length
  5. Iron it from the back side
  6. Insert a cord for piping and stitch it with the zipper foot on.

Now onto the ottoman.

Put the piping on all four sides of both the top and bottom pieces.

Attach a zipper (I used an invisible zipper) on one side of the bottom piece.For 24 inch piece, you would need a 22-inch zipper. You can surely cut the zipper if its long.

Then connect the side pieces one by one leaving just one side which connects with the zipper. Repeat the same for the top side.

**Very important to note that while connecting the pieces make sure your pattern does not break. see the second image on this page. See how the elephants are aligned.

Once everything is connected. Insert the insert you made inside the cover.

Make sure you align the zippers for both insert and cover.

Get the bean bag filling (for this one I needed 2 bags)

And yes Anya loves sitting on it 🙂 Worth it!

Selfie 😉