Duvet Cover

Anthropologie Version (left image) to My Version (right image)


I am always inspired by Anthropologie’s designs and I simply love that store. If there is one store for me, it will be Anthropologie. Being an indian I tend towards more indian looking outfits and I get them in Anthropologie.

I loved the Rosette quilt they have in store and since it was pretty pricey I thought may be I can try making one myself. It was pretty tough since when i searched online there was only one blogpost I could find and yes even though I am writing one myself, it was pretty difficult to get it right (after much trial and error).

Here is what you need:

  • 2 king size jersey sheet sets
  • 1 queen jersey sheet
  • sewing machine
  • matching polyester thread
  • fabric marker
  • 6-7″ bowl
  • lots of patience 😉


  1. Cut 56 pieces of 18″ X 18″ squares (I had 4-5 extra as well just in case I ruin some) Leave 2 king sheets intact. Use the queen sheet and the fitted sheets for cutting the squares.
  2. For each of the squares, take a bowl apprx 6-7″ and place it in the center and draw a circle with  fabric marker.

3. Now take the thread in needle and go around it making a loop.


4. Now insert your finger in the center of it and take the fabric all the way down to make it look like this.



5. Pull the fabric from the bottom and now tie it hard. Take the needle at the backside and tie it to make it look like a rose. You might need to do some adjustments here. And yes you have to repeat this 56 times! (Didn’t i mention you need patience :D)

6. It will look like this.


7. Now you would need to connect these pieces together. Connect it into 7 rows and 8 columns.


8. After you are done, put this on top of king size sheet (this step is optional but i wanted to make it solid) You can simply ignore this step if you want. I think it will be better too.

I found that once my sheet went in washing machine , one of the rose got opened 😦 and it was a struggle to fix it. I think it might have been better to not have done this step but I am not sure. Other thing I learnt is to make sure your stitches are pretty strong and they won’t open up with washing/dryer cycles. Anthropologie recommends dryclean and i know why now 😀

9. Make buttonholes (equidistant) on one side of one of the sheets.

10. Now put above prepared sheet on top of another king sheet with right sides facing together. Stitch them together leaving the side where you made the button holes.

11. This step is also optional but i feel it helps a lot while putting the comforter in. I stitch a ribbon on all four sides of the comforter. Most of the inner comforters have a place to tie these ribbons so the comforter remains in place and does not move around. So i would suggest not to skip the step. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of this step but I will when I am making another one.

12. Stitch the buttons on the other side of the opening.

13. Cut the corners so when you turn it inside out , it doesn’t bulk up.

14. Voila your quilt is ready!!

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My Version