Ikea sofa cover

I am not sure why I took this project 😦 I do not recommend anyone picking this up until you have some way to get the pattern.

My ikea sofa cover had become shabby and I thought why not try making it ..

I search online but I could not find a single site for this. So I took a brave decision to measure the existing cover and make my own. I didn’t buy an expensive fabric just because I did not know where would this go and I am glad I did not.

I have no steps for you guys here since I was just copying existing cover. One other way you can do it is to pull apart the existing cover (which I tried but gave up :() and then cut your fabric accordingly.

It was a combination of atleast 7-8 pieces connected together. Here is what it looked like.


FullSizeRender (12)

Yes looking at the above photo you might think its great coz the imperfections are hidden but look at below one. Notice the fabric getting little clumped up behind the cushion 😦

FullSizeRender (11)

Yes you may be able to easily hide it with a throw but I didn’t like it. Even though I was happy that atleast I tried and atleast I could get it to fit. So I don’t regret my efforts. But not trying this one again 😀

We ultimately brought a cover for this sofa from ikea. I am thinking of using this fabric in cushions sometime so it doesn’t go to waste.

In this blog I will be sharing not only the things that worked out good but also what didn’t. Who knows someone else might be able to do it?