Homemade Cleaners

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Since the day I started DIYing I am on a hunt to find products which are safe to use for my family. I do not want my family to be in contact with harmful chemicals since now a days everything we use has them 😦

Now a days we hear so much about infertility, cancer, respiratory health issues. Its all from chemicals around us and unfortunately we do not realize. Please read this article which opened by eyes as well as many others.

I have tried multiple recipes and sharing with you only what worked for me. Please use your judgement while using any of these recipes.

Hope you have a clean home with a healthy family!

Dishwashing tablets

Initially when I started with making these tablets, I used Borax. Then I started reading about if Borax is safe or not. Here is the link you can read about it. After reading about it, I decided its safe to ignore it.

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Granite Cleaner

In an effort to get rid of all chemicals in my kitchen, my hunt of cleaners without chemicals in kitchen started and thanks to wonderful ideas online.

To learn how I made the granite cleaner please click here.

Glass and Steel Cleaner

Do you know a type of glycol ether is frequently found in popular cleaning products such as Windex Aerosol, Formula 409, Lemon Fresh Pine-Sol and Simple Green.

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Laundry Detergent

I tried the recipes with borax and the without and this one stuck with me. Never going back to store bought version. I have been using this for about 1 year.

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**Image courtesy: www.growingagreenfamily.com