Laundry detergent

I have personally tried multiple laundry detergent recipes and the one which worked for me is below one.


This will make 320 loads.

Things I used:

Simple food processor and blender would be okay too but I haven’t tried grating soap in that so please use at your own risk so  it wouldn’t damage the machine.



  • Use food processor to shred the castile soap (use food processor at your own risk 🙂 Mine worked fine)
  • I would recommend churning it in  as well.
  • Mix all the above together

Tips & Trick

  • When I started using this , the castile soap was not shredded a little bit thick and so it left a white residue on the woolen clothes since it was harder to dissolve. Trick is to powder the mix completely using a blender.
  • Other mistake I made was to put a large quantity of powder in the blender and the blades of the blender got stuck 😦 Ideally put smaller amounts and scrap the powder often so the blender is saved. Thankfully mine worked after cooling down.
  • Put the powder directly on the clothes while turning the machine on instead of in the allocated detergent area. This worked well for me in helping it dissolve faster.
  • Use white vinegar about 1/2 cup in the softener compartment of the washing machine. It acts like a really good softener.