Turning White Onesies to Fun colors!

I wanted to make fun onesies for Isha (my newborn). Although I love white onesies, I wanted to have some fun dyeing them in different colors and here is the end result 🙂

IMG_0801IMG_0859   IMG_0803

Things Needed:

  • Cotton Fabric (Onsie)


  • Fabric Dye (I have used Rit Dye Liquid form found on amazon or Fabric store like Joann)

  • Salt
  • Mixing Bowl and spoon
  • Gloves


  1. Put on your gloves
  2. Put really hot water in the bowl.
  3. Open all the buttons of the onesie and put it in the bowl. Make sure it is fully wet and then drain all the water by hand and take it out
  4. Follow the instructions on the dye bottle for how much salt to add.
  5. Now add the salt in the water
  6. Add the dye color. You can play around with the amount you put in or the amount of time you leave the fabric in the dyed water. IMG_0434
  7. Rub the fabric inside the water so the dye color is even
  8. Keep the fabric for about 50-60 mins
  9. Now take the fabric out and rinse it nicely for a few minutes in the flowing water to take out the extra color. Do it until you start getting clear water.IMG_0439
  10. Dry it and Voila! 🙂

Tip: Try to wash the onesie a few times separately as its hand-dyed else the color might leak on other clothes. Please do not put in washer with other clothes.