Shopping cart cover

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Once Anya was big enough to be able to sit and do shopping with me, I thought how to carry her with me. It would have been impossible to carry a diaper bag, a stroller , my purse and a shopping cart 😦 Then I realized people carry their babies in the shopping cart. Shopping cart is so full of germs with so many people touching it on daily basis and I sure am a protective mother like other, may be not over protective but protective. So i looked around if there was something in the market and I came across shopping cart covers. I thought of trying my hands on it. I read multiple blogs and videos in trying to figure out how best to make it.

Here is the tutorial I looked at but I did the leg holes differently (as you would see in the pics) . So mine is a combination of good things and steps from multiple blogs.

I will try to show steps by steps but like I said I have not learnt it professionally so do not know measurements or how to convey them. Many times I look at blogs and use my judgement to make something as well. This is for people to get an idea if they want to sew the cart cover and are good to getting how its made. Hope someone can benefit.

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