Bad times don’t stay

Bad times don’t stay



You think you can do it, but sometimes you just can’t

You’ll try to struggle for it. Its just not in your hands

You’ll wonder what went wrong, which stone you left unturned

You’ll find nothing that could convince you of much


The grass will look greener on the other side of the fence

You’ll ask yourself why you are the only one


There will be a constant battle between your heart and your mind

You are not a loser, that’s just not your kind


Sometimes you will blame yourself and put it on circumstance

You might blame the people and also curse the stars


You may be devastated and not know what to do

And Believe me, sometimes its better to let it go


If bad time has come, it has to go away

Nothing in life is constant and Time does not stay


When you look back at time and try connecting the dots

You’ll know the reason for all your past life odds


You’ll realize that tough time made you strong

And each bad time has given you the strength to face the wrong


So cheer up and look forward to learning something if you can

Coz you know you are on the path to becoming a better man!

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