Dhishoom – My first baby

Wrote this when Dhishoom turned 2. I still remember the day when we brought this little one home. Our hearts melt looking at him. We did not want to leave him with the breeder. Somehow we felt he is meant to be with us.We did not know what was in store for us and I would not lie, we were a bit nervous. But as days passed our love for him and his love for us, has grown by leaps and bounds and now he is an integral part of our lives.We love you Dhishoom, you are our baby. Thank you so much for coming into our lives and making it thousand times more colorful! Happy Bday Baby! These line are devoted to you 🙂


Wagging tail and drooping eyes

Lick full of love and adorable sighs

Innocent face which looks at you

You will need it most when you’re feeling blue


Rain or shine he will never let you cry

You can see the sadness in his eyes

He will feel your pain and show he cares

He will lick you more till it stops your tears


He will greet you with a great tail wag

You will forget your stress to wish him back

He would jump around, go round and round

Come near you each time to get a pat


He would want to be with you whether night or day

He will miss you so bad when you are away

If you get angry he will try to please

Till you pat on his head he will not leave


You will not know love until you have a dog

So if you don’t have one, wait no more…

Coz I bet you will be surprised to find

How much more love your heart can hold!