Life Partner

Life Partner

People have written a lot about marriage

Here is a scoop of what marriage means to me

or to anyone who is in love with their other half.




When you are tired from the day’s work

You simply want to lie in his arms without saying a word

You know he will understand you, no matter what

Whether you spell it out or not


When in a storm you need a calm

His touch acts on you like a balm

When things in life go upside down

There is always ‘the one’ to remove the frown


You need not be together 24hrs a day

But you know he is there Just a call away

At any given moment if you are feeling low

You know he would be the one to make you glow


You may sometimes feel you don’t talk as much

But it does not mean you have lost the touch

Sometimes when you know each other this well

Feelings can be heard without a tell


At times you may feel you are fighting a lot

Believe in the love when you tied the knot

Don’t loose your cool when you are not in form

Real Couples fight and that’s the norm


There may be times you think you made a mistake

and your so called true love is nothing but fake

That time for a second think how your life would be

without your partner whom you loved truly


You will be standing alone with no one to share

Wishing to bring back times when you had fun and care.

You would remember the times you had spent together

And would so badly want to be in arms of each other.


So hold on tight on this journey of marriage and life

And thank God for making you Husband and Wife!