Success or Failure

Success or Failure



Trudging across the road of success

isn’t an easy task,

Here you come across people

wearing different masks.


You need to put each step forward carefully

so you may not fall,

So many people stand behind you

trying to break the wall.


Man reaches the top step by step

Sometimes keeping his foot

on other people’s back.


At times up, at times down

He would do anything to get the crown.


Feeding the poor, praying to God,

Hiding his misdeeds, so people don’t mock.

Giving some bribe, accepting some too,

Always in confusion what he wants to do.


No time for fun, no time for play

If you talk about emotions,

he has nothing to say.


O, God ! What life! What a useless life this is.

It is like a foreplay, without any kisses!