About me

I always had interest in crafts but that was long back during my school days. After my engineering I never got time to look back and do any craft work. I had completely forgotten about it till Anya came into my life.

It was the first time I realized how much I love making stuff for Anya and my home and loved ones.

It started with the first dress I made for her with my mom’s help and yes that was just the start. I never knew I could sew anything at all. Seemed like it all came naturally for Anya.

Here is a glimpse of my first dress I made for her.


Yes ofcourse there were lots of time when I had to unstitch it to stitch it right but nor did my mom or I gave up on me and I am so thankful for that.

This blog is for people to know that it really doesn’t matter if you haven’t made anything by hand. Its never too late. Don’t think you cannot do it. If I can, surely you can and it feels awesome!

One question people always ask me is how do i get time to do anything other than my usual day job (I am an engineering director) and a kid. To that i want to say two things: I was initially lucky to have family over to help me out after Anya was born. Both mine and Vipul’s parents have been really helpful and yes to a great extent I was able to do what I tried is because of that help.

But I would also say that itself is not alone. You do need to have that fire and passion for something you love. You need to find time coz its very easy to loose time 🙂 I am definitely not able to do anything at all starting Anya’s second year till she sleeps. She will just cling onto me after i come from work and I do not blame her. She needs her mommy and I need her too. So the only way I am able to work now or write this blogpost is to find time myself. I do not want this post to be too long for you to loose interest so few pointers that work for me.

  • Initially i worked from 11-1am at night once Anya was asleep and I was done with my other household duties like making dinner, cleaning kitchen and feeding Anya. That worked but I thought I didn’t get enough sleep (which you never do and you know it if you have a child) Anya would wake up at night during first year and I had to feed her and go to work in morning. So yes it was pretty difficult especially since I was exclusively pumping. I would not recommend this routine to anyone 🙂
  • Starting of 2016 (yes practically this year I have started following a new routine). Waking up early! Yes I thought I could never do it but I have been doing it for a while now and I am confident I can keep up with this routine. Its just matter of fact that your body gets use to it. By getting up early around 5-6am, I get enough time to do meditation and make some tea and do 2 hours of solid work before there is any distraction. Try it if you haven’t. This one works!

Hope my journey and few projects I try inspire people the way other people on internet have inspired me.

Happy Homespun’g!