Basic cushion covers

Basic cushion covers are the easiest to make. They are also called enclosed pillow covers.



FullSizeRender (5)
My inspiration with the pillows 😉


How to make it?

Tip: Its always better to iron the fabric after cutting and before you begin stitching.

Front view
To make it more fun you can have different fabrics in front and back

Step1: Cut the front piece of the fabric as per the
measurement of the pillow you want to enclose. So for example, if it is 20×20, cut it 20×20 or even better 19×19

Tip: Some people will cut the fabric little bit extra to accommodate stitches but if you cut it exactly the size you need, the cover will be snug fit and will look really nice, else it will be sluggish.

Step2:  Cut 2 back pieces with measurements: 20×13 and 20×13 or you can do 20×12 and 20×14. Formula (you need at least 6 inches extra . so length/2 + x1 , and length/2 + x2, where x1+x2 = 6inches. You can see I am an engineer ;))

Tip: Idea is you should have enough extra fabric to enclose it fully from the back else the insert will peek out which will look bad. I did this mistake in trying to save some fabric but believe me it’s not worth it 🙂

Step 3: Hem the 2 smaller pieces from one side.

Tip: If the fabric has some pattern, please follow the pattern and make sure the pieces are cut in a way or hemmed in a way that the pattern is not affected. Another mistake I did 😉 But in case this mistake happens, do not worry coz it will be at the backside of the cushion so unless someone turns it they will not notice.

Step4: Put all 3 pieces together.  Layout 20×20 with front-facing towards you. Now put one of the pieces with its backside towards you on top of the first piece. Do the same with the third piece to cover the first piece fully. Make sure the hemmed pieces are in the center. The smaller two pieces should overlap each other.

Step5: Do not skip this step. Use pins to pin up with pieces together

Step6: Now start stitching with simple stitch leaving about half an inch. Try to use polyester thread since its stronger. Stitch all 4 sides. At the start and end do the reverse stitch to make it stronger.

Step7: Very important step and tip: Cut the corners.

Tip: If you leave this step, when you insert the pillow outwards, there will be the bulk of cloth and the corners will not look as smooth.



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